Hoofbeats Fill My Dreams by Jesse Colt

Hoofbeats Fill My Dreams by Jesse Colt

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Tess Sullivan is a young woman struggling through her early teen years. She is obsessed with horses and horse racing. Her dream is to become a jockey and race in the male-dominated equestrian world. When a blind thoroughbred colt is entrusted into her care, she is prepared to do anything to fulfill her dream. The colt is born with a mystical palm print on its hip and a Sarcee medicine man believes the colt is a symbol of prosperity for the Sarcee Nation. The medicine man aids her in her struggles to train the colt and Tess is drawn into a world of passion and mysticism where her will to win will be tested to its limits.

Jesse Colt is an award-winning cowboy poet and author. His book, Short Poems And Tall Cowboys, illustrated by Val Moker, won the prestigious Will Rogers Medallion Award. Jesse lives in a log home near Bragg Creek, in the Rocky Mountain foothills, with his wife, Linda, several dogs, too many horses, and the noisiest coyotes in Alberta.


Author: Jesse Colt
Publisher: J Colt Cowboy Poetry
Format: Paperback 8.5 x 5.5"

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