About Us

We are a micro press based in Carstairs, Alberta, on a mission to tell stories from the west.




Our owner and publisher, Ayesha Clough, is a recovering news reporter with a Masters in Journalism and a career high of working for BBC News in London, England. She lives in an eccentric shed in Carstairs with her husband, their five-year-old cowpoke, and Maple, the world’s sweetest dog. Their two horses get the fancy barn and run of the property.


Lia Golemba, our Creative Director, is an artistic genius who hasn’t met a medium she can’t work in. Recognized as the Airdrie Professional Artist of the Year in 2019, her talents span design, illustration, fashion and fine art. By day, she teaches at Alberta University of the Arts (AUArts) and VCAD Calgary. She burns through computers, as well as the midnight oil. Lia has dual degrees in education and design. She lives in Airdrie with her husband, two lively boys, and a pug called Jax.


Frank Dabbs, our Editor-in-Chief is an author, editor, columnist and grandpa. A veteran of the Calgary business and political scene, he's a big thinker and dab hand at story telling. He splits his time between Didsbury and Calgary, pursuing his two great loves – books and family. 


We are supported by family and friends. Some have put up their own money to help get us going. Shoutout to Jeananne Kirwin from Kirwin LLP for supporting us on the legal side. And to the Elders, librarians, teachers and subject matter experts who give freely of their time and expertise.

Amazing things happen when you do something worthwhile.