Roadie the Ranch Dog - The Complete Series
Roadie the Ranch Dog - The Complete Series
Roadie the Ranch Dog - The Complete Series
Roadie the Ranch Dog - The Complete Series

Roadie the Ranch Dog - The Complete Series

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Get ready for an epic ranch adventure with Scott Haynes's 'Roadie the Ranch Dog' books. A Canadian exclusive! Only six sets available. U.S. customers please visit

These one-of-a-kind, laugh-out-loud ranch stories are perfect for aspiring little cowpokes. Rhyming storytelling paired with brilliant illustrations make Roadie The Ranch Dog a fantastic children's picture book series that celebrates ranch dogs and the western way of life. Reading age 5 to 8. Interest age 4 to 104.

Scott is an author/illustrator raised on the Montana Hi-Line. Growing up on a ranch on the Milk River gave Scott plenty of ammo for his cartoons, and there was usually a dog or two in the way. Roadie is modelled after several dogs Scott grew up with, generally mutts of a heeler cross variety.

It's Roadie's big day in the back of the pickup! A full-colour, rhyming children's book that’s a great "beginner" for young children. All ages will enjoy the artwork.

Follow Roadie and friends around the ranch on a "normal" work day. Roadie rides four wheelers, "borrows" bologna sandwiches, and "helps" move cows. Kids and adults alike love this second instalment in the Roadie the Ranch Dog series. It’s time to find out why ranch dogs make pretty good buddies!

Ten times the ranch dogs, ten times the fun! Roadie's back, and he's brought nine pals with him. Rhyming text helps little cowpokes with reading development, and they'll love counting from ten cowdogs down to one with every page, learning number sense along the way. Interactive, educational, adorable. This hilarious countdown book adds up to a whole lot of laughs.

"An ice storm in March is a pretty common thing, especially during calving season early in the spring." Roadie loves calving season! He can't wait to head down to the barn and see the new calves play and run. But, wait, what's going on?! Where have all the calves gone?

The only TEAM ROPING kids' book out there! Roadie's owners are headed to the arena and they made Roadie stay home! As you may have guessed, this doesn't sit well with our favourite orange mutt. Great introduction to team roping for kids, and a great read for kids/adults who may have been roping for generations. This book is a tribute to Scott’s late father, who always encouraged his son’s creative side.

Waking up grumpy. That ever happened to you? Happened to me. In book #6 it's happened to Roadie. No matter how hard he tries to cheer himself up by doing the things he loves, it all seems to make his day worse! Fortunately for young cowpoke readers, Roadie's day ends up a little brighter with the help of his favourite rancher.

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