Cowboy Cody Series
Cowboy Cody Series
Cowboy Cody Series

Cowboy Cody Series

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The Cowboy Cody Series is written for the countless children who dream of riding, roping and rodeo. Alberta author Becky Wigemyr was herself raised a rodeo kid, in a sport rich in tradition and history, family values and hard work.

Book One: Cowboy Cody

Cody desperately wants to be a cowboy, but there’s just one problem. Cody lives in the city! Ride along with Cody as he discovers that with grit and determination, our wildest and woolliest dreams can come true.

Book Two: Rope, Sleep…Repeat

It’s a good news / bad news kind of day for Cowboy Cody. The good news? He's going to his first roping jackpot. The bad news? It's NOTHING like he expected. This uplifting story touches on the risks and rewards of making new friends, and builds a bridge to helpful conversations about why bullying happens and how kids can drive it away.

Book Three: Cowboy Cody Rides Again

This is not Cowboy Cody's first rodeo. He and his team are entered in the Wild Pony Races and they are ready to WIN. Oh shucks! It did NOT go according to plan. Go behind the chutes with Cody as he rides through the BEST bad day ever.


Get FREE SHIPPING when you buy the Three-Book Series and triple the fun for your cowboy kid. The Cowboy Cody hardcover books will spur young readers to saddle up, rope their dreams, and always enjoy that victory lap. 


Author: Becky Wigemyr
Illustrator: Dane Larocque/Michelle Froese
Publisher: Ample Publishing
Format: Hardcover 8x10"

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